Training and Apprenticing

Internship Opportunities in Cities

Apprenticeship in Bradford, PA | Contact Kevin Groff

Apprenticeship in State College, PA | Contact Ernest Eby

Mission Training Center in New York City

The Mission Training Center was founded to prepare missionaries for work among unreached peoples and to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in missions to try out their interest in an urban, cross-cultural setting. Our goal is to provide students with both academic and practical training in the science of missions that will better equip them to labor effectively in the harvest field. We have a long-term training orientation and an internship program.

Faith Builder’s Training Institute

Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding by Collier Berkshire –  Understanding people of other cultures—whether we meet them locally in summer Bible camps and urban ministries or in short and long term foreign missions—requires a moving outside of my cultural perspectives, and becoming aware of others’ perspectives to effectively minister to them. We study how to understand and be understood.

Church Planting Course by Allen Roth – Students are given an overview of the Biblical basis for church planting, the character traits necessary in a church planter, the practical challenges faced in church planting, an introduction to a variety of models and methods being employed in church planting, and an overview of the process necessary for planting a church.