Evangelism, witnessing, and outreach resources

Engaging the Lost and the Unchurched – Audio message by Ernest Eby

A Plea For Fishing by John Drescher

Sharing the Gospel and the Story of the Bible by Ernest Eby

Witnessing and Pre-friendship Evangelism by Ernest Eby

Outreach – sample items

Discovery Class for New Believers by Ernest Eby

How To Find People Who Want to Study the Bible – By Ernest Eby

Community Questionnaire by Ernest Eby

ESL classes, Bible classes, and Cross-Cultural Activities by Ernest Eby

Happy Valley Christian Community Student Organization flyer by Ernest Eby

Introduction to the Writing and Purpose of the Bible by Ernest Eby

Picnic and Farm Tour with Bible Presentation by Ernest Eby


The following resources may not completely reflect a New Testament understanding of the church, but they do provide some helpful tools or insights.

Cahill, Mark.  One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven, Biblical Discipleship Publishers, 2004.

Chapman, John, Know & Tell The Gospel, Matthias Media, 2002.

Comfort, Ray, How To Win Souls & Influence People, Bridge-Logos, 1999.

Comfort, Ray, Everyday Witnessing that Works, Huntington House, 1995.

Comfort, Ray,  The Way of the Master, Bridge-Logos, 2006.

Comfort, Ray,  World Religions In A Nutshell, Bridge-Logos, 2008.

Dever, Mark, The Gospel & Personal Evangelism, Crossway, 2007.

Gilbert, Greg, What is the Gospel, Crossway, 2010.

Fay, William, Share Jesus Without Fear, Broadman and Holman, 1999.

McDowell, Josh and Stewart, Don, Answers To Tough Questions, Here’s Life Publishers, 1980.

Newman, Randy, Questioning Evangelism–Engaging People’s Hearts The Way Jesus Did, Kregel, 2004.

Rainer, Thom, The Unchurched Next Door, Zondervan, 2003.

Roth, Allen, Becoming Fishers of Men, Christian Light Publishers, 2014.

Shipman, Mike, Any-3:  Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime—Win Muslims to Jesus Now! WIGTake Resources, 2013

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Stiles, J. Mack, Speaking of Jesus, Intervarsity Press, 1995.

Strobel, Lee and Mittelberg, The Unexpected Adventure, Zondervan, 2009.

“Tool Box”, a list of resources for evangelism, follow-up and apologetics.

Wilson, Jim.  Taking Men Alive, Canon Press, 2014.