Helping Churches Grow Greener Grass

One of the biggest temptations for church planters is to grow their church with transfers from other churches.

What if Christians today would follow the example of the Apostle Paul who discipled Onesimus, sent him back to his master, and then gave Philemon some suggestions for growing greener grass? It is typical for Anabaptist churches to gladly (or sometimes reluctantly) receive members from other Anabaptist congregations who are looking for “greener grass.” Churches take it as a compliment that someone else wants what they have to offer. However, if someone leaves their church for another church, they can often see wrong motives in the person or take it as an offense. Some churches will at least check with the former congregation to see if there is any reason why they should not take the folks in as members, but the default is still to take them in. Rarely if ever do Anabaptist churches have a vision for helping their neighboring churches grow the kind of “grass” that will keep the sheep satisfied and content.