Church Planters Forum and Retreat | June 14-16, 2023

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Speakers and topics 

Audio | Video | Gospel & Culture by Larry Bergey – Culture is the way we do things. In any group that has been transformed by Christ, our culture will be impacted by our faith. Larry will introduce the topics of gospel and culture and what happens when they clash. We will look at the question of how to define what is truth essential to the gospel and what is simply a different way of doing things or culture.

Audio | Video | Developing a Healthy Church Culture by Bill Shiley – In every culture there are elements that need to be transformed or replaced to become a Christ-centered culture. How do we lead someone or a group of people to the point of change? Sometimes a church has harshly “laid down the law” and driven someone away, or the person has simply complied to the requirements without a heart change. Other times the areas that need to change are simply ignored and the person sits on the pew for years and the change never happens. This topic will reflect on some “lessons learned” at Chambersburg Christian Fellowship.

Audio-1 | Audio-2 | Video | Snapshots On Education – K-12 Christian Education. Bible School Education. Higher Education. | Panel discussion focused on the topic of education.

Audio | Video | Reaching Out Through Work by Randy Miller – Most men spend around 40 hours a week at work providing for their families. What are some creative
ways we can use this time for the enhancement of the Kingdom of God? Randy operates a plumbing business and will teach on some ways he provides for his family and builds the Kingdom of God on a daily basis.

Audio | Video | Biblical Hermeneutics – Part 1 by Dean Taylor – Many times, Christians have questions on how to interpret the scriptures. Dean has been working on refining a Biblical interpretation hermeneutic using the acronym “SCAR” (S- Scripture, C- Christocentric, A- Antiquity, R- Real) to provide an interpretive principle using historic Christianity.

Audio | Video | Biblical Hermeneutics – Part 2 by Dean Taylor

Audio | Video | Where Do I Belong? Navigating Life From a Third-Culture Perspective by Jason Allgyer – I don’t quite fit in my neighborhood and I don’t quite fit in the broader Mennonite Community. These “Third Culture” challenges are faced by most youth who grew up in a different culture than their parents. This session will examine how we can find a sense of place living in between two cultures.

Audio | Video | Transforming Culture “Lessons from The Early Church by Allen Roth – As new people come into the church, it’s inevitable that there will be cultural clashes. How do we navigate merging multiple cultures into a working unit? The early church dealt with this challenge many times. This included a meeting of the Jerusalem council. What lessons can we learn from the early church in navigating cultural differences and calling people to change a part of their culture when it is in disobedience to Christ?

Church Growth Seminar 2023
Topics and speakers

Audio | Video | How the Gospel Spread in 16th Century Europe by Andrew V. Ste. Marie – Andrew V. Ste. Marie paints a powerful picture of the dedication and desperation that powered the spread of God’s kingdom in the days of the early Anabaptists. Andrew calls us to cultivate faithful communities that shine a welcoming light into the darkness around us.

Audio | Video | Spiritual Preparation for Kingdom Work by Elisha Byler – Elisha Byler emphasizes personal surrender and the practice of spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, and Bible reading. These practices fortify us for the experiences in kingdom work that feel like going through a meat grinder.

Audio | Video | God’s Equipment for Building His Church by Raymond Glick – In his call for the church to “lengthen the tent cords and strengthen the stakes,” Raymond Glick points to the need for brotherhoods to identify the gifts individuals have been given, to bless and encourage the use of those gifts, and for leaders to delegate responsibility to gifted members.

Audio | Video | Q&A: God’s Equipment for Building His Church – Panel Discussion – Raymond Glick, Kevin Brechbill and Micah Hozen discuss and take audience questions raised by the message on “God’s Equipment for Building His Church.” Panel discussion moderated by Andrew Kurtz.