Church Planters Forum and Retreat | June 15-17, 2022

Speakers and topics 

Audio | Video | Snapshot – History of Anabaptist Church Planting/Where Do We Fit In? by Jason Allgyer – Sometimes it is helpful to see our efforts in light of the history of church planting. Since the time of Christ there has been a church planting movement. We are honored to be a part of this lineage of church planting. 

Audio | Video | Snapshot – Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation by Ernest Eby – This session will be a quick to-the-point look at loneliness and isolation felt by many church planters. Ernest will give some tips on how to overcome when we feel all alone. 

Audio | Video | Panel Discussion on Church Government and Decision Making by Larry Bergey, Allen Roth, & Jeremy Sensenig – Church structure and decision making can take on different forms in different congregations. This panel will explain and contrast different church structures and methods of church government. 

Audio | Video | Ladies Session – Communicating and Working Together on a Ministry Team by Linda Bergey – We as ladies are an integral part of ministry, bringing unique gifts and talents to the work. We will discuss positive ways to appreciate our differences and to communicate in ways that encourage rather than hinder the growth of the church. 

Audio | Video | Ladies Session – Raising Children in an Urban Environment by Darla Weaver – In an urban environment, our children often can’t just “go outside.” Darla will share from her experience of raising children in the city. 

Audio | Video | Mentoring People Through Difficult Situations by Marlin Weaver – It is easy to just plop our statement of faith and practice on the lap of a new Christian and expect them to come to our way of thinking immediately. However, many times it takes a lot of mentoring and teaching if a new believer is going to truly come to follow Christ in every every aspect of life. Marlin will draw from his years of mentoring young believers into faithful disciples of Christ.

Audio | Characteristics of Church Planters/Cautions in Church Planting by Allen Roth – Church Planters tend to share similar personality traits and gifting. These traits are often what draws someone to this type of ministry. Allen will explore some of these traits and give advice and warnings pertinent to church planters. 

Audio | Video | Anabaptist vs. Evangelicalism View of Salvation and its Effect on Evangelism by Jonathan Kinner – This topic is foundational to understanding how to present the gospel message. We have borrowed quite a bit of our evangelism tools from evangelical thinkers. Then when we start to teach about the need for discipleship we are often accused of bait and switch. This topic is aimed at addressing the differences between Anabaptist or kingdom-focused people and mainline evangelicalism, and how we can present the gospel from a true Anabaptist kingdom perspective.

Audio | Video | Developing a Church Planting Team – Christ called us to make disciples in all the world. One of the main barriers churches face is internal relationship dynamics that overshadow the main focus of the church’s work. When we work on these issues, the light of the Gospel shines more clearly to a world that is desperate for answers. This first session (out of three) speaks about the dynamics of building a ministry team.

Audio | Video | Building Trust Within Leadership – Trust is fundamental to the Christian life. We must, of course, trust God. But we must also learn to trust one another. Our current culture tends to disintegrate trust towards our fellow man, and many people have been burnt one too many times to be able to trust another human. How do we work with this? This topic shares some insights into how we can become trustworthy people. 

Audio | Video | What Is Our Aim and Vision? – Do we have a short-term vision or a long-term vision for church planting? This presentation challenges us to review our goals and lift up our eyes.

Church Growth Seminar at Roxbury Holiness Camp – August 26, 2022

Video | Growing the Church by Kevin Brechbill – From which three groups do churches grow their numbers? What principles should churches keep in mind as they seek to grow their churches? What should churches avoid and what should they concentrate on if they want their church to reflect a cross section of the local population?

Video | Making Disciples in the Poorest of Countries by Barry Grant – What kind of heart and character is necessary to be effective in spreading the Gospel in countries with high rates of property. Can people communicate the Gospel of Jesus in other places if they don’t do it at home in their own neighborhoods. And what Gospel and worldview should we make known anyway?

Video | Teams that Work by Dwight Nisly, Andrew Kurtz, Kevin Brechbill, & Ernest Eby – How can callings contribute to good team relationships and how can they hinder good working relationships? Should a team screen those who want to join the team? What are some good questions that team members should ask each other before committing themselves to each other? What stages do teams often go through before they become productive and effective. What are some things that can bring conflict in a church or team?