Church Planters Forum and Retreat | June, 2021

Audio | Video | Making our Churches “Sending Churches” by Paul A. Miller
From the beginning of the early church, and in many eras since then, it was assumed that healthy churches should be growing and sending laborers to start more churches. This topic will establish the New Testament foundation for this important concept.

Audio | Video | Evangelism Tool: Teaching Bible Survey Classes by Jason Allgyer
Most people you meet in church planting could be described as biblically illiterate. This workshop will present a curriculum as well as training to lead an 8 session “Message of the Bible Survey Class” in your ministry field.

Audio | Video | Making Disciples, Serving in Humility, & Raising Godly Families by Elisha Byler
Most church planters are called to do many tasks at one time. In this message, Elisha helps us understand how to mesh these three very important callings.

Audio | | Church Planting Among the Tarahumara by Elisha Byler
What does indigenous church planting look like among Native Americans in Mexico? 

Audio | Video | Life Lessons: Growing in the Lord and in Ministry by Elisha Byler
As church planters, we often focus on what we will do for others. But as we will learn in this message, some of the most valuable benefits are what God teaches us.

Audio | Video | Incorporating People From Other Backgrounds Into our Churches by Allen Roth
In this message, Allen Roth, a veteran church planter, shares a biblical basis for cross-cultural inclusion of others. He then shares practical ways for becoming more effective at incorporating people of other cultures and backgrounds into our churches. Roth also points out many examples of how ethnic churches can make it hard for newcomers to feel like they truly belong.

Audio | Video | Facing Fears, Hesitations, and Objections in Church Planting by Allen Roth
Which concerns, fears and objections are legitimate? How do we answer them? This topic helps us face these honestly and give thoughtful answers.

Church Growth Seminar | August, 2021 | Roxbury, PA

Audio | Video | The Pilgrim Church: A Disciple-Making Community by Ken Miller

Audio | Video | Christian Education in an Urban or Church Planting Venture by Dwight Nisly

Audio | Video | Politics, Culture, and Kingdom Church Planting by Dwight Nisly

Audio | Video | The Vision for Church Planting in Latin America by Dale Heisey

Audio | Video | A Biblical View of Missions by Mark Yoder

Audio | Video | Growing Up, Not Knowing Jesus by Eric Shorey

Audio | Video | Making Disciples: Evangelizing, Teaching, and Mentoring by Eric Shorey

Audio | Video | Bridging the Gap to the Unreached by Daryl Witmer