2019 Church Planting Events and Recordings

Audio Recordings from 2019.

  • The Vision for Church Planting in North America – Audio by Allen Roth – Sometimes Christians and churches limit themselves in expanding the Kingdom of God because their frame of reference is limited to the outreach efforts they are familiar with. It is helpful to get a broader perspective by considering what God has done in the past and what He is doing through churches in other places.  What could God bring forth from our communities if we would step out in faith and in the strength of God? 
    In this statistics packed message, Allen Roth identifies the needs that are all around us and the case for church planting today. He highlights the urgency of starting more churches–not only to survive, but to maximize the resources and gifts God wants to give to us.
  • How Churches can work together at Launching Church Planters – Audio by Alvin Stoltzfus – Most churches send people from their own church to plant churches elsewhere. Can plain churches of very different traditions work together in launching a church planter? Learn how various organizations and churches can team together at sending someone to plant churches.
  • How Church Leaders can Equip and Prepare People to Plant Churches – Audio by Finny Kuruvilla – Effective church planting does not often take place when the effort is led by people who are ill-equipped and ill-prepared. What are some practical ways leaders can equip and prepare the people in their church for planting churches?
  • Starting an Urban Church in North America – Part 1 – Audio by Jason Allgyer – Most kingdom Christians have never attempted to start an urban congregation or even dreamed of doing so. It is so unfamiliar that most would not know how to start. In this topic you will hear some very practical steps for how to go about starting a church in a North American town or city.
  • Starting an Urban Church in North America – Part 2 – Audio by Jason Allgyer – It is easy to move into a city with a number of other Christian families and develop your own church subculture. But what if you want to really get to know the local culture and make these people part of your social circle? Continue exploring cultural experiences and challenges with Jason in this second session.
  • Cross-Congregational Teamwork — Discipling Folks Like Onesimus – Audio by Melvin Bricker – Churches who have a forward vision for growth and discipleship are likely to attract people from other churches who are looking for a different church experience. The easiest way to grow the church is to accept those who wish to transfer from other churches. While there is a time and place for people to change churches, western Christians are often quick to leave their church whenever they think a different church might suit them better. How might churches first offer help to neighboring churches in discipling their own people, rather than quickly encouraging people to switch churches?
  • Making Disciples Through Bible Studies and Discovery Classes – Audio by Allen Roth – The foundational way to grow the church from the local population is to study the Bible with people and help them understand the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. Without this component, effective church planting is not going to happen.
  • Facing Issues in the Church, Stages in Team Life – Audio by Allen Roth – Church planting can sound rather exciting and sometimes it is.  But there are many weighty matters and relationships to attend to as well.  Neglecting to give necessary attention and thought to these matters can sometimes make the difference between a floundering church plant and a thriving church plant.