Cross-Cultural Integration

The last book of the Bible pictures a scene in which an innumerable multitude from every nation, tribe, and language are gathered together — worshipping God and the Lamb. Is it possible for Christians from diverse cultures to enjoy something like this… here on earth? What metamorphosis might individuals and churches need to go through to experience the blessings of cross-cultural, spiritual fellowship?

Cross-Cultural Integration Seminar – 2023

Audio | How Churches can Accomplish a Metamorphosis– by Ernest Eby

Audio | Cross-Cultural Integration in the New Testament – by Emmanuel Warren

Audio | Menno Integration, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – by Jeff Swanson

Audio | Our Experiences with Cross-Cultural Integration – by Adam and Martha Boyd
Interactions with natives of Papua New Guinea
Interactions with Anabaptists

Audio | An Innumerable Multitude from Every Nation, Tribe, and Language – by Earl Peachey

Welcoming folks from Non-Anabaptist Background into our Churches 2018/2021
Audio | Video | PDF | Nurturing a Culture That Inspires Christian Growth – by Ernest Eby

Welcoming Seekers Into our Churches – 2019

Audio | Video | “Welcoming Seekers” Part 1 – by Ernest Eby

Audio | Video | “Welcoming Seekers” Part 2 – by Ernest Eby

Welcoming folks from Non-Anabaptist Background into our Churches was hosted at Penn Valley Christian Retreat in 2014

Audio | The Signature of Christ by Laban Kaufman “Diversity – a Key Ingredient for Unity”

Audio | PDF | No Greater Burden by Ernest Eby “What does Acts 15:28 look like in 2014?”