We are Christians who want to see many more churches established around the world.  We sometimes use the terms Followers of Jesus, Kingdom Christians, Pilgrim Christians, or Anabaptist Christians to further identify ourselves.

The fields are white and ready to harvest. For nearly two millennia, church planting has been the way Jesus’ disciples have gone about reaping that harvest. The goal of Church Planters Forum is to strengthen a vision for indigenous church planting around the world, including church plants in or near North American cities.

Much church growth is simply transfer growth from folks leaving other churches. We want numerical growth to come from evangelizing and discipling local people, particularly the unchurched.  We want to see hundreds and eventually thousands of churches started that take seriously the teachings of Jesus.


Director: Ernest Eby
Forum & Retreat Committee: Jason Allgyer, Ernest Eby, Ben Craig, Kent Hawbaker, Truman Eby, Andrew Kurtz, Wendell Martin
Church Growth Seminar Committee: Kent Hawbaker, Andrew Kurtz, Wendell Martin
Constituency advisors/representatives: Allen Roth, Alvin Stoltzfus, Kevin Groff

Statement of Faith